All You Need To Know About Corporate Law

The ability of a lawyer to apply their legal knowledge for practical applications makes them very important for companies and organisations to discuss legal matters of the same. Such lawyers aur called corporate lawyers and this section of law is known as corporate law.

Corporate lawyers are very busy people. Most companies hire corporate lawyers to help them with the decision making processes in the company, fight cases on the company’s behalf, and to advise them on legal matters. They are the elite class of lawyers who are allowed anywhere inside a company at any given time and this makes them a mini celebrity for the people who matter.

Corporate Law deals with corporate matters such as companies rights, shareholders rights, directors rights, secretarial matters, board meetings  articles of association and public listing and delisting of companies. Corporate deals are never the same, even if it is from the same company. These differences can be attributed to the type of industry in question, whether or not it involves single or multimarket businesses and the size of the companies involved.

Clients of corporate lawyers include multinational companies, investment banks and private companies, from small to medium scale businesses, regulatory bodies and governments.

The work of a corporate lawyer usually revolves around mergers and acquisitions of the company, the removal of unprofitable sections and the restructuring of corporate entities. As a corporate lawyer, their work on any deal of transaction will have to go through several stages. They may have to draw up draft documentation along with the client’s financial advisors, accountants, and managerial representatives.
The corporate lawyer is also responsible for dealing with all involved parties, getting approval for certain resolutions from board meetings and completing formalities and registrations regarding when necessary.


A large number of different deals and transactions that constitute corporate law and a big portion of work involves dealing with private equity fund funds listing client companies on recognised stock exchanges, etc. Some kind of stock ownership will be held by a private equity player in unlisted companies. So, the job of a private equity lawyer is to make relevant financial agreements when it comes to making a new business venture, expansion of future operations, take over or tie up with another company or MBO finance.

To thrive in the field of corporate Law, you will require a very good knowledge of business law, what is currently trending, and legislative and regulatory developments in the market. Since corporate lawyers work with high flying executives, they need to have strong communication and negotiation skills in addition to having an excellent academic background and the ability to think out of the box.

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